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and then i was like,
    Wow, I haven't posted for a week. I haven't missed that much for a while. It's mostly because nothing has happened to me recently. Except for today. And yesterday. Yesterday I hung out with Louis and Brandon, and we burned stuff, like candles, shoe glue, ligther fluid, gloves, and worms. Then we went to Alex's house, and we hung out in his front yard and talked and stuff. Today, Katie had this party thang, and it was cool, even though only 7 people came. But it was fun anyway. I wore a mask and a cpae and scared little children, even though it wasn't Halloween. That was fun. At that point I was wearing Katie's costume, but mine was a bunch of CDS alex and I taped into a suit of armor. It took forever to get together, and it only covered my torso, but it looked damn cool. I was The Blazing Z, and Alex was Dr. Tacky, and we were arch-nemeses. So altogether it was fun. YAY! On saturday, some people are gonna go see Tomb Raider 2, so if you wanna come, contact me. YAY! AGAIN! Well, I should sleep, so this post is over.
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