Actually, Morgan, I hope you are wrong. Bye now.
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    DAMN!!!!! DAMN!!!!! DAMN!!!!! DAMN!!!!! DAMN!!!!! I hate this stuff. Morgan, I hope you are right...sigh...
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    AND DISTURBED!!!! Prayer is awesome. AND TAPROOT!!!!! Poem is awesome too. 'Sall for now.
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    Arg. I've been banned from the computer for three days, so I haven't been able to post a while. But that's ok, cuz nothing has happened this week, at least, nothing I feel comfortable posting here. You know what I'm talking about, and if you don't you're not supposed to. Dammit. This new Nirvana song is really cool. And so is the new Pearl Jam song. I am mine.
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    I'm annoyed, and the problem with me being annoyed is that I can't express it online, there might be some people I don't want to know I'm annoyed with them, and they could find out here. So how an I supposed to express my annoyance? I don't know. I don't do person to person very well. Hormones are stupid.

On a lighter note, I drew the coolest JTHM picture today, and I'm going to scan it and post it on my homepage. Yup.

GodDAMN, are they stupid.
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    ACK I forgot Jeff!! Jeff was at the folk festival. Yup yup yup.
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    Wow, I haven't posted in, like, two days. Oh, well, that just means I get to write a lot today, which is very satifying. This was a cool weekend.

First, on Saturday, Jeff, Bruno and I (note the grammar, Nessa), went to Wheaton to see Stealing Harvard, BUT something was wrong with that theater. So, since the movie started at 2:30, and Bruno's mom was gonna pick us up at 5:30, we had a whole 3 hours to spend at the mall! First we went to Circuit City, and killed half an hour there, which for me, was really easy. The we went to the main part of the mall. We went to Kay-Bee Toys. I got two cans of silly string to arm my bike with, and Jeff got a scooter for TEN BUCKS. I'll bet that much that it breaks the second he trys to do something like go forward. (laugh, I'm funny) Then we went to the food court, and I got a big root beer, and Jeff got a pina colada, and I had to carry EVERYTHING, cuz Jeff was still on crutches, and Bruno is an ass (no offense, Bruno). Jeff apologized, and said "sorry, Zack. When you hurt yourself, I'll be your bitch, too." (laugh, he's funny) I also got a cinnabun (YAY!). Then we went up a floor, and we all got 2 inch wide gumballs, and later on, when we were walking to target, I made Bruno laugh, and he spit his out like, 3 feet. Bruno does the funniest things when he laughs. (Next Experiment: tickle him in mid-taco.) We also went to FYE at one point, and Jeff broke the speakers (kind of). When we were in Target, Jeff got Lincoln a card that said...well, never mind, Lincoln might see this site, but believe me, it's funny. E-mail me at zaxxus@aol.com if it's really important to you. Or just e-mail me, I'm bored. From this experience I discovered two things: I REALLY want the new Disturbed album, and cookie stands really are just for mid-mall snacking (Mallrats reference. If you don't get it, you SUCK!)

Sunday, ah yes, good old idle Sunday afternoon. Or maybe not. In the morning, I made $20 bucks baby sitting, cuz I knew I would need it for the TAKOMA PARK FOLK FESTIVAL YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Anyway, after WES, I skated there (my right leg hurts now), and first I found Morgan. We wandered around looking for Cami (sp?) and then I went looking for other people. I found Vanessa and Nora and Walter working at the drinks place, so I hung out with them until they were done. We walked around some, until Ben's dad lead us to the knots tent, where Ben and Louis were. We kidnapped Louis, and found Jacki as we left. Wait, no. That's not what happened. Forget it. Heres a list of people I saw.

Ok, the highlight of my time there was when we went to all the booths we could find, and then we got at least one sticker form each of them. I was second in command of the sticker army, but only because Nessa thought of it first. Anyway, that was my cool weekend. Yay!
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